The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Hipgnosis Theatre Co, at Theatres at 45 Bleecker, NY)

  • “commanding performer … concert-worthy voice.” (Blog Critics Magazine)
  • “Singer and […] actor par excellence” (Retrovision Media)
  • “the excellent Demetrios Bonaros.” (
  • “The first strong voice that rings out is that of Bonaros” (Ins&Outs Magazine)
  • “Bonaros’ […] a cappella music in this production adds a lot of depth and texture […] The vocal work in this production is some of the finest I have heard in indie theatre.” (
  • “a lyrical original score by Demetrios Bonaros … brings out the charm of the play.” (The Indypendent)

The Taming of the Shrew (Hudson Warehouse)

  • “Bonaros … is hilarious as … Gremio.” (Lincoln Center Theatre’s Andrew Shuttleworth)

Opa! (Midtown International Theatre Festival, Queens Theatre and Hellenic Cultural Center)

  • “Bonaros steals the scene.” (Show Business)
  • “… best of all is Demetri Bonaros […] excellent voice […] great comic effect.” (The Queens Chronicle)
  • “The cast members’ (especially Callari, Bonaros, and Goodgold) stunning, powerful voices” (The L Magazine)
  • “Bonaros […] was a very believable, hysterical priest.” (The National Herald)
  • “Bonaros … draws continuous laughs” (The Queens Chronicle)

The Winter’s Tale (Hipgnosis Theatre Co, at Access Theatre, NY)

  • “Bonaros… gives a marvelous and multifaceted performance.” (

Dinner and Delusion (Center for Contemporary Opera, at the Cell Theatre, NY)

  • “a company of accomplished singers … leading man Demetrios Bonaros nicely transits through the stages of life, from yearning boy to demented grandfather” (

Measure for Measure (Hipgnosis Theatre Co, at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, NY)

  • “Providing comic relief [Bonaros performs] hilarious shenanigans” (The Villager)
  • “Bonaros gives an agile and acrobatic performance” (

Into the Woods (Villanova University)

  • “Bonaros […] acts the goofy, hippiesque Mysterious Man with winning style. He is developing a talent for portraying counter-culture types that appears both honest and knowing.” (Main Line Life)
  • “[Bonaros] sings a stunning duet.” (Philadelphia Arcade)

The Taming of the Shrew (Compass Rose Theatre Co, Saratoga, NY)

  • “Bonaros does a hilarious bit with a cane.” (The Daily Gazette)